• Question 1 :  I don't see a warrior riser kit for my model ATV  UTV ? Can you just trade out the risers for Warrior

                             risers and get me a new price for the upgrade?

  •  Answer:      We're sorry, but its not as easy as just adding a set of risers to a kit without first testing placement and fit and finish. When older models                                 become available with Warrior Risers, we will list them on the website.

  • Question 2 : Will I receive an email with tracking info on my order?

  • Answer:        You will receive an email the same day your item ships at the end of that business day. Depending on availability and volume of orders, This                           email may come a few days after you have placed your order.

                              All emails will include tracking info.  Check your spam folder for tracking emails, depending on your spam settings.


  • Question 3 : Will you sell me just the risers or just part of a snorkel kit?

  • Answer:         We sell full Snorkel kits as well as Warrior Risers, individually and in sets. See the Warrior Riser page for details. As for breaking up a kit to sell                        just a section of it. The products are only offered in full as advertised.  For our products, we do offer replacement parts to our customers.                               We do require verification of product purchase to offer replacement parts. 

  • Question 4 : What is the cost of shipping to my State, or Country? How do you ship items?

  • Answer:        We ship UPS ground for Snorkel kits to the lower 48 states and Canada. We do not offer Expedited Shipping. We add the NAFTA free trade                             agreement Certificate to Canada shipments. We use USPS Priority to ship to Alaska, and everywhere else, internationally. We also use USPS                           priority to ship small items, such as a single Warrior riser, Warrior Wear tip, or LED light kit. The receiver is responsible for any Duty fees,                                 Taxes, or Import Fees that sometimes may be charged by your Government or Customs Department on International Shipments.

  • Question 5 : What is your return policy?

  • Answer:         Due to Copyright violations, we have a NO RETURN policy. All Snorkel Brands from all Snorkel companies have the same no return policy. 

  • Question 6 : Can I call to place an order over the phone?

  • Answer:         We are 100% E-commerce, so ALL ORDERS must be placed from our website. 

  • Question 7 : I don't see my model ATV UTV listed on your website. Do you carry product for my machine? Can you make one for my machine?

  • Answer:         All products we currently offer are listed on the site. If you want to bring your machine for a custom install,  We are located near Dallas                                    Texas. If you have a machine that we need for product development, you can contact us from the product development page and get a free                           installed kit for letting us use your machine for product development.  


  • Question 8 : Will you email the digital instructions?

  • Answer:          Due to Copyright violations, we do not email the digital instructions. If you lost your instructions, you may contact us with your receipt                                     number and a picture of the uninstalled kit to request another paper set by mail. Shipping and handling charges may apply


  • Question 9 : Does a certain product work for a different year, model, or engine size that it advertised for?

  • Answer:         Sorry, but our products only work for models they are advertised for. 

  • Question 10 : How are your snorkel kits different than your competitor’s?

  • Answer:          We offer snorkel kits that are fairly priced and well built.  We use high quality materials to build our snorkel kits.  We have exclusive injection                          molded Warrior Risers with Exclusive removable and washable Warrior Wear pre filter tips that are only found with our products. Our                                      competitors use thin brittle ABS pipe with no UV protection that will dry rot and fail after a short time.  Our Snorkel kits are complete kits,                              and are designed so you can take them apart (if needed)  without destroying the kit, unlike most competitors less thoughtful                                                      designs. We develop our products with consideration for performance, ease of install, looks and style, longevity, and ability to uninstall and                            re install all while looking professional.